Sunday, 13 June 2010

Here, there & everywhere?

I hope that this post doesn't come over all "Grumpy Old Woman" but it's something I need to get off of my chest & air out.

Recently we have been made aware that there are a few new fairs setting up which are promoting themselves as Vintage & Handmade Fairs. We just wanted to let our visitors & stallholders know that none of these have anything to do with us - they are not our fairs, nor have we given them permission to use our name. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to make any difference.

I am all for enterprise & of course anyone can hold a fair, but why not try & be original?

When Michele & I first came up with the concept for our fairs we thought long & hard about a name. When we settled on Vintage & Handmade we searched the internet just in case anyone else was using it as we wanted to be original, be identified & not step on anyone else's toes or poach someone's business name.
It wasn't being used so we were able to register it for our own use.

I suppose that we should feel a little flattered that our fairs have inspired others to follow suit, but why, oh why not at least come up with their own name?

Jayne (taking Grumpy hat off now....)


  1. I would have thought you could easily remedy the problem and call yourselves, 'The Original Vintage and Handmade Fair'.


  2. I think Sal is may have to resort to beggars belief that Fair organisers cannot come up with an original name to call their own and be as considerate and thoughtful as yourself and Michele.

  3. I am with you Viv, it cannot be that difficult to look for another name. Clare and I took ages to come up with the Vintage Bazaar. (there is another one in Australia, but I thought that was not really a problem...) Well done to Jayne - you have every right to air your views. We are all grateful to you & Michele for the wonderful fairs you have established.

  4. I think Country Living would have something to say if someone started up a Country Living Fair in Bristol or elsewhere, don't you!

    It is really about common courtesy and considering others..sadly lacking at times!

  5. I agree and Sal's idea to add 'Original' is inspired and honest.
    I don't live locally but do help run fayres (More Than A Mama) where I live and would be livid if our 'brand' name was snatched away from us.
    Your fairs look awesome, by the way, so keep doing what you are doing, your professionalism and originality will shine through *pokes tongue out at copycats*

  6. Is it possible to write/email the organisers of the rogue Vintage & Handmade fairs? I'm sure you could write a suitable letter pointing out that the name is yours and yours alone, that the name is registered to you, etc etc.

    It may not solve the problem but at least they will know that you are not impressed. You could perhaps state that you will continue to make it known that they are nothing to do with 'our' V&H fairs whenever you are confronted with another one springing up, or asked (as I have been) about them.

    Good luck!

  7. i can totally understand your grumpy-ness but "vintage and handmade" totally sums up what these type of fairs are all about - if i was organising one of these fairs i think i'd struggle to find a name that explains it as well or better than what you've already come up with.
    i agree with the others - call yours the original.


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