Wednesday, 24 February 2010

New Textile Fair!

Since we held the very first Vintage & Handmade Fair the concept has really taken off & become a great success with visitors really looking forward to each new fair.
As a result of this we have been inundated with requests from crafters, artists & vintage dealers for tables at the fair - we could have filled the town hall several times over! Quite a number of those asking have been textiles related & as we want to keep a balanced mix at the V&H we are unable to accommodate them.

This got us to thinking (we tend to do this quite often when sharing coffee & cake!) that a dedicated textiles fair could be a fun addition to the V&H stable - this would include all sorts, including vintage clothing, fabrics, haberdashery, textile art, knitting, crochet etc.....something for everyone.
As the town hall is quite large we looked for a smaller venue & were fortunate to find one just across the road in Chipping Sodbury High Street, right next to the library, which is the Old Grammar School
This venue will hold 16 tables in 2 rooms, plus there is a kitchen for serving our famous teas & cakes & a courtyard which will be nice as we intend holding the fair in the summer - Saturday 3rd July 2010.
Like the town hall, it is a light, bright & well kept venue which has just been completely redecorated & is a pleasure to be in.

Michele, the two Misters & I went for an inspection before we booked it & I have posted a few photos here to give you an idea - of course it will look much more lovely when decorated & filled with wonderful stalls.
I'm happy to say that all 16 stalls were snapped up straight away & we are pleased to announce that the premier textiles magazine, Selvedge will be there too!

This is the outdoor area which (weather permitting) will make a lovely area to enjoy refreshments, have a break between shopping & chat.

The entrance from the courtyard.

Mr Custard tickling the ivories....wonder if we can enlist him to entertain us on the day? ;-)

This is the larger of the two rooms which will hold about 10 stalls.

The smaller room will hold 6 stalls.

This is the entrance from the street.

The entrance is to the left of the clock tower, right on the high street.

So, what do you think? We'd love to hear your views!


  1. Oooh! That sounds exciting! I'm only disappointed that all the tables are gone already. Is there a waiting list?

  2. Fantastic idea, again I seem to have missed the boat!
    Can you put me on the waiting list please?!

  3. Very exciting indeed, can't wait to see what goodies I can buy! And Selvedge too...

    Jo - (Hardaker and Pope)

  4. Fantastic looking venue, well done to you both! Can I paste & copy the image to my blog please? Lizzie x

  5. looks fantastic! cant wait to go shop wooohoo! just hope i find the place ok ;0)xx

  6. I cannot wait! I know V & H Textile Fair is going to be a first class event, just like the Vintage and Handmade Fairs.

  7. What a great idea! I would have loved to have a stall there. As you know, all my work is made of vintage fabrics, embroidery, crocheting, a.s.o. Please put me onto your list for the next one :-)) But I will try to come over and have a big shopping tour.

  8. It is great to see the reputation of your event grow and grow. I hope I will be able to get there this time.

  9. It looks great and with all your additions it should be a very successful event.
    Is there a process to go through to be notified of upcoming events as a stallholder? I would be interested in exhibiting with you if that is possible too.
    Kind Regards

  10. Sounds great Jayne, and congratulations on another original idea. LOVED your pictures, especially the outdoors ones. Looks like something out of a fantasy.

  11. Ooh, how exciting, it's in my diary already, will be lovely to come as a customer and do some proper browsing and shopping!

  12. What a great idea, can't wait till 1st May! I'm sure you have the biggest wiating list ever, but I'd be really grateful if you could add me too, I crochet and use vintage fabrics and buttons
    Thank you!

  13. Another cracking idea Michele. Dagnabbit though, missed out on another opportunity to get a table at one of your fairs - is there a waiting list for future stallholders?

    Mum and I will certainly be attending as my Grandfather (Mum's Father) used to teach at Chipping Sodbury Grammar School and we'd really enjoy the opportunity to have a look round, as well as visiting the fair too.

    Elizabeth (

  14. this is a wonderful idea.
    i was delighted to be involved in your first fair and the whole event has expanded and is doing so well now. i am really pleased for you both and wish you another fantastic year. will really try to make it down for a visit this year.
    warmest wishes

  15. well I would think it was wonderful except I'm sulking because I probably still wont' be able to get there so that's another fantastic michele and jayne event I have to sob over. perfect! of course my grand plan is in the offing for freedom so I live in hope that one day I'll actually get to one of your wonderful events! !!! t.xxxx

  16. Hi, can i go on the waiting list for future events please thank-you x

  17. hardaker and pope are very excited about this one!!! see you at the vh fair today.xx

  18. This venue looks so perfect. Hope I can make it.


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