Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Christmas Fair Postcard

I know it's really early, but you can never be too prepared, so I thought I'd show you the new postcard for the Christmas Fair. I had great fun putting all the pretty goodies together to photograph. The back of the postcard has all the information & we'll start distributing them at various fairs & venues running up to the big day.

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  1. What a super design, well done!

  2. Wow it is really lovely! LIKE LIKE LIKE!

  3. Looks fabulous Jayne..a lovely flavour of Christmas !

    Michele x

  4. It's a lovely postcard, definitely inviting, it looks colourful and fun. I wish I could go, I'll have to look you up on the map.

  5. gorgeous postcard, well done. Love it :)

  6. They're fab Jayne.
    If you'd like me to distribute a few to people I know who'd love to come to the fair, then just let me know.
    Niki x

  7. Delightful - just love it! Will you be sending us some to distribute?

  8. Ann (Vintage at the Corner House) and I will definately be there in November. We have our fair Vintage & Home Made the week before so will need a bit of retail therapy with you to regain our sanity. Debbie Vintage Wants

  9. Hi Jayne,
    Just to let you know that I have listed you on my site for "one lovely blog" award.
    Hope you get some visitors from it. Really enjoy your blog.

  10. Hi Jayne
    Gorgeous cards. Have you any left for me to give out at my Open House?

    Really looking forward to the fair :-)

    Donna x


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