Thursday, 21 May 2009

Emergency Blog!

Hello to anybody who finds me here!
I woke up yesterday to find that my Country Cottage Chic blog had just disappeared into thin air *poof*!
I have no idea why, but reading the Blogger help boards it seems that this has happened to quite a few people. It is absolutely impossible to actually email someone at Blogger to get help or find out why it has gone.
I feel as if I've been set adrift with no home & no friends!
If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this I would be grateful.
So, in the meantime I will use this blog which later on will have lots of photos of the Vintage & Handmade Fair!
Only 7 days to go!!

Saturday PS: Just to let you know that I have set up a new blog as it seems that my old one has disappeared for ever.
I haven't posted anything there yet but if you'd like to find me I am at:

If you have me bookmarked or a link on your blog all you need to do is add "2" after countrycottagechic.

As you can see this blog will be a combined effort between Michele & I for all things V&H Fair!



  1. Oh dear.. I think you should be called Calamity Jayne.. after all your mishaps and misfortune of late!
    I do hope CCC is retrieved from the ether soon..
    Seven days.. gosh.. my heart is racing now!


  2. I hope you get it sorted!
    I didn't have a clue how to get hold of you to let you know although I did wonder if my computer was playing up.
    Beki xxx

  3. Hi Jayne

    I have tried to access your blog but I receive a warning that it contains malware. Blogger has an automated process to protect against spamming and closes suspicious sites down pronto, to protect the blogging community. Malware can cause spamming, this could be maliciously caused by a commenter on your site or more likely Bloggers defences are too sensitive and are reporting false positives. As it is an automated process no thought process is involved. You have a very short period of grace to recover your blog so please persevere in chasing Blogger. Did you ever keep a backup of your blog?
    Regards Terry ( See you at the V&H )

  4. Nice to know you're still out there!! Hope you manage to resolve the problem.

    Sue xx

  5. hi Jayne
    I found you again via Cowboys and Custard. I do hope you can retrieve your blog. I have heard from other people that this is one of the big problems with using Blogger. They can just remove your blog at a whim. I no longer use Blogger for anything that is important to me, but prefer using Word Press and host it with my regular provider - that way I maintain total control over my content.
    Your blog has cheered me up on many a drab morning and has given me loads of inspiration. Hope it's back soon

  6. Hi Jayne, I found you too! I'll put a message on my blog. Hopefully your problem will be solved soon. SueX

  7. Me again! I have all of your blog postings in my Google Reader, including pics. If it does'nt get sorted I can email it all to you. SueX

  8. Oh how awful, you poor thing and I agree, it's hopeless trying to get hold of a real person in cyber world. Hope someone does actually manage to get it back for you soon. See you in a week!
    Hen x

  9. Oh dear so sorry!
    I tried to access your site and it said it would damage my computer.
    So sorry that you have been set adrift like this.

  10. After a bit of blogtrickery I finally found you! I think that Brenda of Country Romance from the Heart may have met the same fate! I'm so glad to have found you. Have you considered Wordpress? If it happens to me, I will go the meantime, I've saved all my faves as bookmarks so I will be able to go in and explain myself!!!!

  11. Jayne - take a look at this just in case it helps. t.xx

  12. What a nightmare Jayne!
    It couldn't be that you reached your limit, could it? I recently had to buy more storage space for my photos on Picasa...

    Good luck - hope it gets sorted soon - I think I would cry if I lost my blog!
    Niki x

  13. oh dear! Hope you get it sorted soon, what a total pain!Looking forward to the fair, just got to find Chipping sodbury, it's further away from me than I thought.Not that that's going to stop me visiting!
    Rachel x

  14. Hello! I found you through Michele. I had a problem with blogger last November, and sadly I was unable to contact them as well. I used to blog as beachyscapecodcupboard, but now I have been using this name since my buggaboo.
    Looking forward to seeing pics of that lovely fair!!!!

  15. As if life isn't difficult enough eh?? Glad to have found you again. x

  16. Just popping over to say 'Hi' and 'this couldn't have happened at a worse moment eh?" I do hope everthing will turn out fine, eventually.
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Yay, the return of Miss Jayne! I hope you get your original blog sorted out. I winced when I read one of the above comments about backing-up, OUCH. Good plan, but who does it? Not moi! I hope maybe you did....

  18. Like Olive Rue was saying-
    everyone is having problems...maybe it's time to switch to wordpress or typepad.

    nice to meet you though :)

  19. Managed to find you though Cowboys and Custard. Hope you get sorted soon.

    Jo xx

  20. Hope your blog is restored to life soon. I had no idea such things could happen. Awful. Can't wait to meet you at Vintage and Handmade.

  21. o no! that is really rubbish! hopefully it will reappear as quickly as it went!

    really looking forward to the fair! xxx

  22. Hi, So sorry to hear of gremlins. Enjoy your break at the new blog. Sort of a holiday ... you know ... the old change is as good as a rest thingy:) X

  23. Glad to find you have found a temporary home here, it was a bit of a shock to find you gone! I love your banner, I hope some of those precious things are finding their way to the fair! See you soon love Jane xxxx

  24. oh bloody hell, that's awful! How can that just happen? Hope you get sorted, and when you do let us know the outcome so we can be forewarned.
    Kim xx


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